Being Court-Martialed?

The deck is already stacked against you. The Government has criminal investigators and Special Victim Prosecutors on its side. In my experience CID does not pursue all exculpatory leads which might exonerate the Accused; many investigators do not think it their job to pursue evidence which might prove innocence. That is oftentimes left up to your Defense Counsel. The Commanding General picks the “jury of your peers” which usually means only senior NCOs and Officers on the panel (jury). Unlike in every Federal court, Virginia courts and many other state courts, the verdict against you does not have to be unanimous; it need only be 2/3 of the majority in favor of conviction. In this time of hysteria concerning all things SHARP related, weak cases are being taken to trial to be tried in front of juries who have been blanketed with SHARP messages. Your jury pool is being inundated with different information about what the law is or is not with respect to rape, sexual assault, and intoxication. This information can be inaccurate or misleading, but it is remembered by your jury pool. Due to outrageous levels of political and societal pressure to appear tough on SHARP related cases, many weak cases are being taken to trial; many cases which would never see a courtroom in civilian jurisdictions due to insufficient evidence or lack of any credible evidence, go all the way to court-martial. You rarely, if ever, get a do-over in a courts-martial; an appeal is usually the only time and by then you will likely be in jail for a long period of time. Don’t get convicted of a crime you didn’t commit because of misinformation, politics or agendas. You get one shot at defending against the charges filed against you which means you need someone with experience and the skill to defend you. Someone willing to go toe-to-toe against those seeking to convict you. You need someone who is going to pursue every lead, interview every witness, and leave no stone unturned to defend you. I love to litigate and I never back down from a fight. You need someone who understands senior NCOs and Officers. I have spent many years getting to know the senior ranks well through working with them and providing them legal counsel. I have briefed and provided legal advice to Soldiers from the ranks of Private through Lieutenant General. I have been hand-picked to defend Soldiers charged with some of the most serious crimes under the UCMJ including rape, sexual assault, child pornography, aggravated assault, murder and attempted murder. I have been hand-selected to handle investigations which were being tracked at the highest levels of the Department of Defense and even Congress. If you are in need of legal counsel, call me and let me help you. We will get through this together. Consultations are free; even if you don’t hire me, a discussion of your matter will most likely benefit you. Your freedom, career, family, and future are worth hiring the right attorney. You can’t afford to gamble your future with a lawyer who may still be learning the ropes. You get one shot at an acquittal. The stakes are your freedom and future. A conviction for rape, sexual assault, or another serious offense will affect every aspect of the rest of your life even after any sentence is served. Call me today.