Injury and Property Claims Against the United States Government

Injury and Property Claims Against the United States Government (including all branches of service). Have you been injured in a motor vehicle accident in which a person driving a Federal Government vehicle was at fault? Has your vehicle been damaged in an accident in which the driver at fault was working on behalf of the US Government at the time of the accident; whether in a Government vehicle or not? Have you been injured in some way by the actions of a Federal employee or a Federal operation or exercise or on Federal property? Then you need and deserve to be made whole whether this means compensation for property damage or compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering. There are few things as frustrating and difficult as attempting to navigate the Federal claims process and dealing with insurance adjusters, vehicle estimates and repairs, renting and returning rental vehicles, driving to doctor appointment after doctor appointment, missing work, and all of the other difficulties involved with a accident or injury. You deserve nothing less than just and proper compensation. I have served in two different assignments as the Chief of an installation’s Claims Division. I understand the process. I know the mistakes that attorneys unfamiliar with the Federal Tort Claims Act often make, resulting in, oftentimes, lengthy delays in getting their clients reimbursed with the proper amount of money. Don’t let the Government low-ball you with the smallest offer they can get away with. You need an attorney who can ensure your rights are protected and you are properly and adequately paid due to an accident which is not your fault. Consultations are free, so there is no reason not to call me and discuss your situation. You deserve an attorney with extensive experience in this cumbersome process that the Federal Government uses in accident, injury, and property damage cases. Don’t waste time with an attorney unfamiliar with this system. Let me help you navigate the claims process and get you back on your feet and compensated as fast as possible. Contingency fees are available.