QMP Selection Board Representation

Have you been selected for the QMP Board? If you have been, you need to act now to set yourself up for success. In many cases, the difference between being selected for continued service OR selected to be discharged rests on a few key documents; your statement to the board and the statement of those who are recommending you for continued service. You get one shot at convincing the board with a few sheets of paper to select you over the next person for continued service. A well-written, thoughtful, grammatically correct and expertly crafted document which highlights your accomplishments and potential can make all the difference. The board members will read hundreds of statements and review hundreds of personnel files. You need to stand out and the way to do that is to sell yourself. It is not just what you say, it is how to say it. A poorly written statement sends the exact wrong message to the board. It shows them that the Soldier did not take the time or put in the effort to write an effective and grammatically correct statement. I have had tremendous success with past clients going through a QMP Selection Board. Every one of my QMP clients for 2015 was selected to continue to serve. While past results do not guarantee future results, my experience can help you. Make your board packet stand-out and set yourself up to be in the best possible position when the board convenes. I will take the time to lay out a game plan of what needs to be done to help you get retained. You can’t afford to get a few minutes of legal advice from a Legal Assistance Attorney with dozens and dozens of other clients. Your career, your pension and health benefits, and financial future are at stake. Invest your time and resources wisely now. There isn’t an appeals process for the QMP Board Selection. You get one chance to effectively advocate for yourself. Let me assist you with this. I will work with those recommending you for continued service so that the message they write hits on the key points that the Board needs to consider. A poorly written letter of support can harm your chances just like a poor written personal statement. Consultations are free; even if you don’t hire me, a discussion of your matter will most likely benefit you. Consultations are free and flat fees (set fees) are available.