Reprimand Rebuttal Representation

If you are notified that you are being issued a General Officer Letter of Reprimand, often referred to as a GOMOR, you need to immediately seek legal counsel. If a reprimand is filed in your permanent file, your career is most likely over. If the reprimand is filed in your permanent file and never removed, you will most likely never be promoted again. If a reprimand is filed in your permanent file, you will most likely face an administrative separation board which could discharge (kick) you out of the service with an up to Other Than Honorable Discharge. A reprimand can not only effect your military career, but could negatively impact you for the rest of your life if you are discharged with a General or Other Than Honorable Discharge. Your rebuttal to a reprimand may be the most important document you ever write. YOU can make the difference between a reprimand that is rescinded, filed in your local file, or filed in your permanent file. You only get one shot to beat the reprimand which means you need an Attorney who can sit down and strategize not only what to write, but how to write it with all of the information, enclosures, and letters of support that will give you the best shot at saving your career. I have both written reprimands for General Officers to issue and responded to reprimands with positive results for my clients. I have spent years providing legal counsel to commanders involved in the reprimand process. I understand the various concerns and politics at play. You need experience on your side. You need someone who will dedicate the right amount of time to your rebuttal. Oftentimes Legal Assistance Attorneys are overburdened with clients causing them to have inadequate time to adequately assist you with your rebuttal. I will provide you the time you need and deserve to make sure your submission puts you in the best possible position to save your career. Consultations are free; even if you don’t hire me, a discussion of your matter will most likely benefit you. Flat Fees are available.