Reprimand Removal Representation

Do you have a reprimand filed in your permanent file? If you do and it is not removed before your next records review by Human Resources Command such as for a promotion board, you will almost certainly face an administrative separation board which could lead to an Other Than Honorable discharge with no possibility of reenlisting or commissioning. You get one attempt to have the reprimand from your and these removal requests are often denied. You need an experienced attorney to prepare a personal statement and request packet to increase your chances of having your request granted. You hire an electricity when you need wiring done, a mechanic to fix your car, and so there is no reason you wouldn’t hire an experienced attorney who makes a living advocating for clients and writing effective, well-reasoned, grammatically correct and thorough statements and memoranda to put you in the best position possible to save your career. I write and advocate for a living and I have done this for many, many years after graduating from one of the nation’s top law schools. Call me; consultations are always free. Flat Fees are available.