Are You a Service Member Charged with a Crime?

Whether you are a Soldier, Marine, Airman, or Seaman, if you are charged with a crime and your command intends to pursue courts-martial, a reprimand, or administrative separation board, you need to immediately seek legal counsel. A conviction at courts-martial will follow you for the rest of your life. If you are charged with rape, sexual assault or other similar crimes and are convicted, you will have to register as a sex offender for many, many years, if not for the rest of your life. A sex offender faces a life of menial jobs, social ostracism and severe restrictions even on where he can live. The time to seek representation is not when the charge sheet is signed and read to you. The time to seek representation is when you first learn about an investigation being conducted. An experienced attorney can help insure that CID, OSI, and NCIS do not focus only on evidence which helps the prosecutors while avoiding evidence which might prove your innocence. If there is evidence proving innocence, then an experienced attorney can help ensure it is gathered by the appropriate law enforcement agency. I have seen entirely too many cases where CID’s investigators are more concerned about getting a Soldier titled with a crime and court-martialed, than to seek the truth no matter what it is. I have seen cases where CID purposely avoided pursuing evidence which may have helped exonerate the Accused. I will not leave a stone un-turned if you retain my services. I will demand law enforcement does a thorough job and, if they do not, I will do it for them and for you. If we need to file Congressional complaints, IG complaints or call the media to get law enforcement agents to do an unbiased and thorough job, then we will do so. Our service members, their families, and real victims of crime deserve nothing less than the best, well-trained, and thorough law enforcement investigators. Unfortunately, in many cases, this is not what they got. Many investigators have very little to no experience in the crimes they are investigating. A year before, the lead investigator could very well have been a truck driver or supply clerk. I have served as the legal advisor or been the investigating officer myself in dozens and dozens of investigations. I have read hundreds of criminal investigation reports. I have the experience to effectively evaluate evidence and find missed evidentiary opportunities. Give me a call and put my experience to work for you. Consultations are always free.