Skills Desired, Experience Preferred

Just as with almost every activity that you do, practice makes perfect. There isn’t an investigation that I’ve conducted or reviewed, a witness I have cross-examined, or a court-martial that I have prosecuted or defended where I have not learned something new or learned a better technique to do it. The key to being an effective litigator, in my opinion, is having both the requisite skill AND experience.

Sometimes these go hand-in-hand, sometimes not. An attorney can be defending criminal cases for 30 years and not be a good litigator while some can become quite adept in just a few years’ time. Advocacy isn’t something you can learn from a book or in a classroom. They can’t teach it in law school. It is something you learn when you stand up on your feet in a courtroom and make an argument or cross-examine a witness. Not as an observer, not while sitting second chair but rather in the driver’s seat making arguments, objections, and examining witnesses.

I have advocated for clients for many, many years. I have defended them in courts-martial, administrative separation boards, prepped their QMP Packets, assisted with reprimand rebuttals, and other situations requiring advocacy. I was the defense counsel who was assigned to assist new defense counsel and get them up to speed. I was the attorney, after having only been an attorney myself for a few months, selected to handle the installation’s largest and busiest jurisdiction as a prosecutor. I was hand-picked to be the lead defense counsel in multiple felony cases at installations throughout Texas while I was assigned to Fort Huachuca, AZ.

Consultations are free. No matter your situation, give me a call and lets see if I can assist you. Even if you do not retain my services, it is highly likely you will learn something new about your case.